I didn’t do it… And “HE” didn’t either…

Just for the record, let US make this perfectly clear…

The names, ages, genders, races, locations, events, and possibly even body parts, you name it, documented or depicted here… Are mostly all fake.

Okay, some of them are fake. A few are quite real. Some are “spectacular…” It’s up to you to decide which ones to put any stock in. It’s time to test the IQ that Momma and Daddy gave you, when they stirred the proverbial “pot.”

Some of the events depicted here are totally and completely fake.

And, some of the events here are 110% “Oh My Gawd… Martha! Can you believe this sh*t?” real. Again, use your best judgment. If you don’t have any “best” judgment, use a Ouiji board, or a Magic 8-ball…

No names have been changed to protect the “innocent.” We don’t like “Innocent People.” They’re usually a bunch of crybabies… And we hate “crybabies” more than watered down Scotch!

Any similarity to any event that’s ever taken place in the history of mankind is purely coincidence, or possibly not…

We haven’t made our minds up, yet. In fact, until I figure out where I left  mine, it might take a while to make calls of this nature.

Our thoughts, beliefs, and oppressive nature are our own and may or may not be the thoughts, feelings, or beliefs, of employers, family, victims, or anyone else that we have ever known, or even crossed paths with.

And you can rest assured that is the truth. Maybe. Kinda. Like WE even care.

Basically, thanks to carefully concocted alibi’s, most of this stuff “never happened.” We have “Bail Money” and we ain’t afraid to use it…

So… Prove it.

That is all.


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