The News Pays Its Dues is our forum for letting the voices in our heads take cheap shots at whatever news item happens to catch our attention. We plan on doing this in the style of MST3K, and differentiating who is talking, in “living color.”

TNPID is a collaboration (call it a gathering of “Veritable Sages”) intent on exposing the ugly and sometimes idiotic underbelly of “The Media News.”

The cast (at least for today) is a blurry combination of dementia, cast in the persons of “Mister Manly,” and “The Lexinator.” Now, since I’ve always believed in “fair play,” and “age before beauty…”

Mister Manly’s voices are:

Voice #1, who takes a deeper view of things than the rest

Voice #2, who is more sarcastic

Voice #4, who likes his humor rather vulgar

Or so they tell me.

Note that Voice #3 was asked to participate, but flatly refused on grounds of petulance.

Mister Manly

Now, somebody has to keep this lunatic in check, and since I’m not skeered…

And since I’m too important to be left in the choir, “The Lexinator’s” voices, when they decide to be heard outside my head, are:

Angst, Angry, and last but not least; Raging Man…

Because sometimes, you just have to rant. And no namby-pamby “shy  or cowering” personna is gonna get left behind… Admit it, you wish you’d thought of this, don’t you?

Well, you didn’t. We’re smart, and you’re sheep! Or Lemmings… or maybe opossums… yeah, that’s it, you’re opossums…

So, we’re here, we have no fear, and we’re not leaving until we’ve kicked the media in the rear…

Because sometimes, the network news stinks!

After all, somebody’s gotta make these “News Lackeys” tow the line…


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