BLM Wages War Against A National Icon!!

Did you see this?

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced plans to kill America’s wild horses rather than effectively manage our wild natural heritage.

We have a Bureau of Land Management?  Why?  What do they do, sneak agents onto your lawn at night and trim the hedges to Government specifications?

I bet they do rich peoples’ lawns first.

And I bet that it takes twice as many of them to do the job as it would if they hired Mexicans like everyone else.

That’s right! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims it can no longer afford to round up wild horses and confine them until it finds people to adopt them. So, the agency wants to euthanize these majestic wild beauties or sell them to the highest bidder “without limitation…”

Which translates into; “You can do whatever you want with them, even make “Purina Puppy Chow” outta them, if you want to.

Is it a Bureaus or an Agency?

Why don’t we just give the land back to the Indians, and they can worry about the horses?  They’re big on that stuff aren’t they?

I say trade the excess to the North Koreans in exchange for their nuclear reactors.  If our Environmental Wackos won;t let us build our own, we have to get them where ever we can.

Lemme do some math here…

There’s about 30,000 majestic Mustangs roaming the hills of America, versus about 3 million heads of beef cattle…

But the BLM claims that they can’t “allow horses to multiply unchecked on the range without causing an environmental disaster.”

Uh-huh… Can you say “Beef Cattle Lobbyists?” I knew you could…

Or could that be because horses aren’t a native species, so they have no natural predator?

Neither are cattle.

But they have a natural predator, us.  Speaking of which, let’s have steak tonight.

Good idea.

We can spend billions of dollars bombing the “third world” back into the “Stone Age,” but we can’t afford a few horses? And they’re horses that represent the “very spirit of our nation?”

Wild Mustangs are the “poster children” of freedom, determination, and our heritage. So obviously, they must die…

Horses don’t represent the spirit of our nation, whores do.

Not true.  It’s lobbyists.



I hate to interrupt, but you’re both saying the same thing.


Well, everything dies.

Except for Dick Clark.

And Keith Richards. Don’t forget Keith Richards.

And the BLM operates under the guise of being an “environmental” agency…

So, what would ole’ “Lexinator” do?

There are approximately 31,000 high, middle, and elementary schools that use the majestic Mustang, as their mascot. I even went to one of those schools! 11,160 of these schools reside within school districts that have agricultural programs. (I checked!)

So… Why not donate the horses to the schools, to use as “live mascots,” thus insuring their health and well-being, and eliminate the prospect of slaughter for dog food?

I’m positive that local communities would welcome the idea, and even the financial responsibility, to save these majestic (and LIVING) representations of AMERICAN FREEDOM from a death sentence inflicted by a callous and uncaring  government that has forgotten it’s roots…

Here’s an example of the petition that is circulating around. This one bears about 17,000 signatures, the last time I checked…


Dear Government Asshole Bureaucrats;

That’s redundant.

Yeah, and I doubt there are 17,000 US citizens that can write.

They leave an X.

Um… that’s not it… Lemme start again…

Dear Director Caswell,

Is your first name DICK, perhaps?

(Okay, okay… I’ll stop… for now.)

No you won’t.  Check your contract.

I am deeply disappointed with your proposal to kill or sell-off wild horses in confinement rather than develop a management plan to return these majestic animals to the range where they belong.

There are over three million cattle grazing on federal land, while fewer than 30,000 wild horses roam free. Your agency has more wild horses in confinement than on the range. I urge you to strike a better balance between cattle ranching and wild horses that will truly preserve our wild horses.

Please consider alternatives such as expanded birth control programs, working with the National Park Service to add land to the range in areas where the horses already currently reside, and limiting the number of permits granted for mountain lion hunting to allow natural predation to control the herd population.

I’d close it like this:

“Think carefully, Caswell… After all, we know where your children go to school… you horse-hating piece of sh*t…

I don’t think he hates horses.  I think he’s a misguided cult leader who wants to send their souls off to meet the Holy space ship.  So, unless the horses provide a written protest of his actions, in triplicate, how do we know he;s not right?

I thought you were an atheist?

I am, but I don’t know all that much about horses.


A friend of Mustangs… and even Shelby Cobras.

And of course, I wouldn’t do anything to Caswell’s kids. It’s not their fault that their dad is a dick. But I hope he gets kicked in the nuts by an errant hoof, the next time he’s hobnobbing it with the lobbyists at the “Polo Grounds…”

But then again, I’m a “bleeding-heart liberal pacifist…” right?

Don’t bet on it…

17 responses to “BLM Wages War Against A National Icon!!

  1. I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thanks. It’s still a work in progress.


  3. What? It’s a “work in progress?”
    I thought it was the “Community Service” that the Judge sentenced us with…
    Now I’m really confused…
    Do we have to call our probation officers again? You remember what happened last time… Oy Vay!

  4. Hi rr,

    I intended only to imply that all of the details of the blog are not necessarily finalized, so unexpected changes may occur at any time and not to be startled or shocked by them.

    On the subject of who to call, I suggest it be our bartender to see if he’ll open early today.


  5. Changes? I hate changes more than ice cubes in perfectly good Scotch…

    Oh man… I’m gonna be “startled and shocked” all right… And I keep hearing voices in my head! In colors! That can’t be good, right?

    I’m putting our bartender on “Speed-Dial…”


  6. Hi rr,

    While I hate to admit it, on really hot days I use ice with my Scotch. I take a cube and pass it over the glass three times, and it really does seem to make a difference. Probably one of those psychological things.


  7. Hi MM: I’m new to the blog and I am thankful that you wrote about this! My wife and I ( being horse people) are up to our withers in this one. We have sent correspondence to everyone from the president on down who can possibly effect a change in this rapidly up coming tragedy. If anyone wants to get involved they can go to our site wnd sign a petition which will be sent to Washington, DC , The BLM and etc. There are over 42,000 signatures as of now. Go To for links to everything you need to know to help. Thanks again, Tom

  8. Oh by the way, on the cattle issue, Cattle and horses eat different things. Horses stay away from the very rich grasses because it can cause a potentially fatal condition called ‘Founder” so the 30,000 wild horses on the open plains aren’t necessarily competing with th 4 million or more cows that are out there. The BLM by the way collects about $1.25 per head of cattle that graze on public lands so if they kill the horses and add 30,000 more cows they will collect another $37,500.00. Thats enouth to buy the director of the BLM a new car!

  9. I knew it. The “Secret Government” strikes again! See, MM? They’re breeding “horse people.” Breeding pigs to create organ donors was bad enough, now, they’re breeding “horse people” to pull us around town like demented rickshaw drivers!
    When will it stop? Oh, the agony….
    I think we need to start a petition! Or, did I read that wrong?
    Hmmmm… Never mind.

  10. Hi Tom,

    Well, since we just started the blog, it would be difficult for you to be a long time reader, although we hope time will make you into one. As to horse lovers, I detest the beasts, mostly because they hate me. Still, I have enough friends who adore them that I can understand your pain. Shucks, one couple I know couldn’t afford a house and a barn, so they bought the barn and walled part of it off for living quarters. Other than that, they’re almost normal.

    On the other hand, while horses may not be my favorite creatures, giant Government Agencies are way down near the bottom of the list. Thus, it was our pleasure to make fun of the BLM.

    As to cattle and horses competing, I think that’s a good thing. Evolution and all that. In a few dozen generations we might get a horse, or cow, that can track down the BLM director and kick his new car to pieces.

    Good luck with he petition,

  11. Well its not about so much about cows anymore, really. Its about grazing permits. They are a hot trading commodity today….worth infinately more than the cattle operations that continue to operate at little or no profit. Why do you think the ranchers continue on struggling in their stressed and/or failing cattle business if it isnt so profitable to them? Because the valuable permits they hold will be lost without the cows. Privately owned cows HAVE to stay on public property to insure the permits hold their value as a commodity for trading, selling or leasing. Read more about Americas largest and most secretive social welfare program that was designed from its inception to favor only a few….and at what cost to the taxpayers,… dont even want to know ($500.BILLION per yr) Americans will be appalled when all the dirt comes out, and here is a good place to start digging for those who really want to know,..for those who give a damn;

  12. whoops. correction, thats $500 MILLIOn (not billion) expended annually on grazing permit administration and maintenance….
    Still, a significant sum for taxpayers to be footing year after year for the benefit of a few ranchers who are for the most part, selling, transfering or otherwise exploiting their permits for individual monatary gain and not really using them for their intended purpose. Some of these permitted lands have been standing idle for years! What are they waiting for? The contractors, builders and futures speculators to move on in, once they have clear title to the lands and the cows are gone, thats what.

    Transferable Grazing Permits are as good as gold in the bank.

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  14. Hey, I stumbled across your blog through Google and just wanted to say that I really like it. I’ll definitely be bookmarking it!

  15. I couldn’t agree more great stuff here.

  16. VERY COOL! Keep up the good work!

  17. Unlike you, I adore horses, wild and domestic, but that’s the only difference between what you write and how I think. Keep blogging the truth, it’s very refreshing, and long, long overdue!

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